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A Wholesale Meat Distributor For All Your Business Needs

New England Meat Company, a premium wholesale meat distributor based in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. For years, New England Meat Company has been the reliable source for wholesalers to get the finest grade USDA inspected meats and services at prices that won’t break your bottom line.

We specialize in domestic beef, goat, lamb, and poultry products and offer a wide variety of wholesale meat distributor services. Our local facility offers a large number of convenient options for your growing business. We are here to serve everyone from farmers to restaurants, butcher shops, airlines/cruises, exports and more.

We provide the bulk goods and meat products you need to succeed. Heavy discounts, fast turn-arounds, exclusive products, tailored ordering, we’ll do it all for you. From beef to domestic lamb and goat, we have what you need

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We provide every product your business needs to sell top quality meat.

Restaurants, hotels, cruise lines, airlines, you name it and we’ll be there for you like no other wholesale meat processor can.

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Slaughter, cut, wrap, and sell. We’ve got this down to a science. Use our expertise to your advantage, use our products to turn a profit. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

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Ecommerce is booming. The new norm is here to stay. Don’t get left behind the times, sign up with us and ensure that you can offer a product you’ll be proud of.

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We serve a wide range of customers in retail, wholesale, brick and mortar, and online.

And we cover every major service from slaughter to packaging. There is no job or service that we can’t help you with, and you will not find anyone who can do it better than us. From wholesale chicken and beef products to Private Labeling, we have the right service for you.

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We do it all

From the Farm to your Customer’s plate, we’re here to fulfill every process you need to make every transaction a successful one.

National Farms

We take pride helping America's farmers and ranchers bring their products to market. Let us process your products and provide every service you need.

National Retailers

You don't need to worry about quality, let us handle that. You can focus on exceptional service and offering your customers an incredible value and dining experience.

International Exports

We are certified and approved for International Exporting. You can contact us and discuss your needs, and we'll be happy to discuss what exclusive export deals we have to offer.

Going above and beyond

We’re more than just a wholesale meat supplier. We can offer your business the widest variety of services available, as well as the highest quality custom cuts of 100% American beef, chicken, lamb, and goat. From Co-Packaging to deep discounts on bulk orders of beef and everything in between, we strive to provide your business with everything it needs at the best prices.

Streamline your wholesale meat purchases

At New England Meat Company, we provide a wholesale supply of American meats directly from locally sourced farms. We provide quality beef, poultry, lamb, and goat, and have the best selection of business options to suit your needs. There is no one better equipped to give you fresh, quality USDA-certified cuts of beef and American meats than us. We guarantee it.


New England Meat Company is a full-service USDA certified Wholesale Meat Distributor of the highest quality beef, chicken, lamb, and goat since 1996. We are based in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and source our products from the greater New England Area.

We purchase, slaughter, process, package, sell, and provide our goods and services at both retail and wholesale levels. Our services are designed to streamline your process and reduce overhead costs.

More Than Just A Wholesale Meat Supplier

You need more than cheap meat. You need a Meat Distributor that understands your business and your bottom line. Buying products like Wholesale Beef, or services like Private Labeling are only half the battle. You deserve a Meat Distributor that’s available to help you make the most of your purchases and increase your profits.

meat processor packaging chicken

Meet your bottom line with deep discounts on your wholesale purchases.

Buy big, save big. Buying meat from New England Meat Company means buying quality USDA meats and exceptional service, buying from us in bulk means this at the best possible price too. From Ground Beef to Prime Ribeye, you won’t find a better product, a more delicious cut, and our offer anywhere else. We guarantee it.

Pick from a wide selection of meat and processing services for your growing business.

We go beyond offering the best quality beef, poultry, lamb, and goat. We also offer a wide selection of services ranging from Co-Packaging to Delivery and Fulfillment options. We do it all from our all-in-one processing facility located here in the heart of New England.

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Easily purchase every meat and wholesale service online from your computer.

Sign-up, log-in, and purchase with ease. We have everything you need right here online to make running your business smooth and hassle-free. We’re also just a phone call away if you need help, and we’ll go above and beyond to make your experience a positive one.


Increase profits and save time with our one-stop full-service model.

We can serve your needs better than anyone else in the business. When you work with New England Meat Company, you guarantee your own success. Partner with us, grow with us, succeed with us. TODAY!

Our team is ready to answer any and all questions you may have about our complete product line and offered services. we’re available to help in any way we can to ensure your needs are met.

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