conveyor belt with packages of chicken being inspected

Our packaging solutions

Our packaging solutions give you the ability to confidently compete in a wide variety of markets. Your meat should be as fresh as possible when it reaches your customer, and we’re here to make sure that it is. From vacuum packaging to shrink wrapping, we have the right solution for your business needs.

Increase the shelf life of your product by sealing and storing them in a vacuum-sealed machine bag. Increase the appeal of your product by displaying it in shrink wrap. Increase profits by sealing your products in industry-grade materials and take them to market with confidence.

person putting ground meat into packages

Industry Standard Materials

We use the best available materials at our facility here in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. We package and process everything right here on-site, which means we have the ability to package your products immediately after processing. And just like our commitment to the highest standard of meat processing, we also demand the highest standard of meat packaging supplies and materials.

Bags, vacuum packaging, shrink wrap, boxes, cartons, and more. We have it all, and we have the best available. Your products are an extension of your business principles, and our packaging is an extension of ours. That’s why we guarantee every one of our food packaging supplies is of the highest quality available.

meat wrapped in protective packaging

Protective Wraps

Films for fresh meat packaging can give a boost to your product’s appearance by letting you display your meat virtually undisturbed. Some forms of packaging distort the shape and appearance of the product, making it less desirable.

Transparent wraps and even shrink wraps allow you to display your meat and foods in a more presentable fashion, while still allowing you to extend freshness and uphold food safety standards. There’s no need to compromise when it comes to putting your best cuts on display to attract consumers, you can have your cake and eat it too.

beef that has beef vacuum sealed

Vacuum Packaging

There is very little that can compete with packaging meat in air-tight vacuum-sealed bags to ensure a fresh product. Eliminating oxygen exposure, locking in natural fluids, even the introduction of marinades and other flavorings, all of these are possible only from vacuum packaging.

Not only do they help contain, maintain, and prolong freshness, but they also make storage more manageable as well. Vacuum packaging meat reduces the space needed on your shelves and minimizes the number of extra supplies needed to organize and ship them as well.

a cut of beef in a tray formed package

Traysealing, Next Level Meat Packaging

There’s nothing more attractive than meat and food products in branded traysealing packaging. Your company brand, your company’s brand guidelines, your company’s message, and voice are clearly expressed on custom packaging with your product uniquely displayed in 3D. That’s what traysealing can do, and we’re the ones that will make sure it’s done right.

Traysealing means your customers can reach out and touch the product without sacrificing food safety standard and freshness. It combines the quality guarantees of vacuum sealing bags with the displaying properties of protective wraps. The unique process, box and foam trays, and protective film give your product a truly stand-out look and feel.

It’s the best of both worlds, and worth every penny. Invest in the best, and your investments will yield the best results, guaranteed.

thermoforming packages of meat

Thermoforming Bags and Supplies

One of the more unique and cost-effective methods of meat packaging is thermoforming. Thermoforming wraps your food in a durable package that contours to the form of the meat. It acts as both the film and case that the meat will be stored in. They are much like vacuum-sealed bags, except thermoforming takes the form of the meat instead of the meat taking the form of the bags.

This gives your product a well-defined, knock-out appearance that makes it stand out against the competition with ease. It keeps your supply of meat in neatly arranged containers and keeps your products in food-safe durable storage bags.

packaged and vacuum sealed steak

Extend Shelf Life, Maximize Profits

Our food packaging practices guarantee maximum shelf life for your products. From beef to poultry, every step we take and every material we use is designed to ensure optimal freshness and prolonged shelf life. Meat packaging should absolutely mean enhancing quality as well as longevity, and that’s something we guarantee with our products.

Fresh food, every time without question. We supply the service you need to deliver the quality foods your customers demand. We have a wide selection of food packaging categories to choose from, each guaranteed to include exceptional service.

Search through our extensive catalog and give us a call to set up your account today. We’re ready to set up your account and line out the supplies your company will need to deliver fresh food products to your customers today.