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Quality products at the best prices

We’re available to help and strive to deliver better meat products than anyone else. That’s why we make sure all of our processes conform to strict guidelines that guarantee our products are a grade above the competition.

Every animal processed at our facility here in Connecticut is done with one end goal in mind: produce the best possible taste and deliver the highest quality cut of meat available while keeping overall prices down. It sounds simple, but it takes a dedicated team to make sure this happens every time we process an animal.

Your customer deserves meat from animals at prices they can afford. You deserve products from these same animals to sell to your customer at prices you can make a profit from. Our processes mean that every single step of our meat processing guarantees that the meat produced here will fulfill those needs.

butcher slicing cuts of steak from a slab of meat

Our meat products are a cut above the rest

Our meat processing and cutting standards ensure that every animal processed at our site yields the best products available, guaranteed. When you place your order, you can be sure that you’re getting the best product from your animals.

Meat processing is our specialty

Our process from slaughter to packaging guarantees your customer will be coming back for more. Every pound produced here at our site means meat that you can be proud to sell to your customer. Prices are going up, but your bottom line doesn’t have to.

Let us provide a service and product to make sure your customer gets the food they want and the cut of meat they deserve.


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Located here In Stafford Springs, Connecticut

We can fulfill every meat processing service for your domestic meats right here at our facility in Stafford Springs Connecticut. We’re able to service the greater New England area, including but not limited to Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

We operate under strict guidelines and follow all USDA and State slaughter, cutting, and processing meat safety standards to ensure every animal is processed and delivers the best quality and taste possible. Our services don’t end at processing, so contact us today to see how we can best serve your growing business.

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Service and Order help

Sometimes you might need help deciding on the right services for your business. That’s where we can help improve your ordering and cutting instructions based on our years of experience processing meat and devotion to customer service.

Meat processing is only one step in our comprehensive system of delivering exceptional products made to better suit your individual business need.

This system offers what very few can offer, high-quality meat products made to fit not only your service needs but your service expectations as well. We’re not just a beef company, we’re a service company committed to exceptional products and exceptional meat processing service.

Come see our process for yourself at 30 Furnace Hollow Rd, Stafford Springs, CT 06076.

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Meat produced with food in mind

It may seem obvious that the animals we slaughter end up as food, but that doesn’t explain why we put in so much effort to ensure that every pound of meat we process is accounted for.

We make sure to get every last ounce of meat cut from every animal that we process, and process that meat knowing it ends up as products used to run a business. It’s not just food, it’s not just a product, it’s not just meat, it’s our business as well as yours.

food worker with safety gear on

Our services include rigorous inspections

In addition to overall safety for our staff, our meat processing service includes inspecting every cut of meat to ensure that it is safe for consumption. Every step in all of our processes from start to finish include safety and quality checks in order to make sure the meat we produce is safe for consumption. If we wouldn’t eat the food that we produce, we won’t put our stamp of approval on it. It’s that simple.

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The convenience of online

Not only are we at a physical location, but we’re online too. This means speed, efficiency, and a custom experience made to suit your every need. What you see here is only part of the equation, once you sign up with us you get access to a robust ordering platform tailored to your business needs.

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Help is right around the corner when you need it

Even when you order one of our meat processing services online, it doesn’t mean you’ll only interface with computers and technology. We’re here to help in person, too. Whatever your need might be, or whatever service you need in addition to what we offer online, we’re right here to help.

meat processing worker cutting meat

Quality Meat processing at New England Meat Company

We put our customers first and emphasize high attention to detail through every step of every one of our processes. Every one of these processes guarantees satisfaction from not only you, our customer but also your customers as well.

Every order is fulfilled with the idea that your success is our success, so sign up with us today and see how successful we can be.