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Private Label Food Manufacturing

We provide private label food manufacturing for hotels, food distribution stores, cruise lines, hospitals, and other food supply operations. From complying with industry regulations to making on-time food service deliveries we give quality white label fabrication to give your best to the customers who demand nothing less.

Our facility in Stafford Springs Connecticut is set up and ready to supply your growing company with quality meat branded with your very own private labels, packaged and ready for immediate sale. From national brands to small grocery store retailers, we have everything you need to start production on your line of products today.

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Private Label Food Safety

We manufacture packaged meat products in a USDA inspected manufacturing facility in the heart of New England. All manufactured foods are processed by trained technicians in compliance with every aspect of food safety standards. Your customer is our customer, and quality products mean exceptional food safety and standards.

As the processor, manufacturer, packager, and distributor, we understand that quality is the top priority. That’s why we painstakingly practice every food safety standard at our facility. We want you to be successful, and that means selling a product you can guarantee.

Our company stands behind every one of our private label food brands and product lines, and we guarantee the product you sell will exceed your expectations.

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Private Label Food Services

How can your brand get a customer’s attention? Put your private label brand name on custom packaging and attention-grabbing labels. How can you achieve that? Our team of highly experienced marketers and graphic designers are here to help you to bring your Private Label to the forefront of the consumer’s mind.

We work tirelessly to craft a unique product for each and every one of our clients. This means you will have your own unique style to sell to the customers who resonate with your brand. We label and package each product with care and dedication to your unique brand, and will help you guarantee success.

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Turnkey Private Label Solutions

Make use of our turnkey products for outsourcing medium and large-scale food manufacturing. Our employees are experts across industries from initial consulting, onboarding training through meal design packaging, and on-time delivery.

Skip the growing pains, decrease cost and ask our expert advice from beginning to end. We’ll do everything in advance so all you have to worry about is sales.

We’ve been doing food manufacturing for decades now. It’s time you take advantage of that experience and turn our capabilities into a product you can profit from. From our facility in Stafford Springs, Connecticut to your shelves and product pages online, let us help you build a brand that customers will fall in love with.

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Turning Our Private Labeling into Your Business

Your company doesn’t have to be a grocery store. Your company doesn’t have to compete with national retailers. You can turn whatever business dream you have into a reality with the help of our dedicated staff and Private Labeling experts here at our Stafford Springs, Connecticut facility.

We can help you stock your market, grocery store, online site, or pop-up shop in no time, all with carefully crafted packaging on your very own private label foods. Quality food products you can be proud of, each with a private label you can make a profit from.

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Market Ready Brands

Large chains serve specific markets and have extensive marketing budgets to develop a profitable target audience. You might have one, you might not, but when you partner with us you WILL have a product you can scale and use to develop your own profitable audience.

We leave nothing to chance, and every one of our processes is geared towards capturing your future customer’s attention and converting them into a brand loyal buyer.

Identify markets and stores to sell your products, and know that we will cover the rest. We pride ourselves on our role as a top-notch private label food manufacturer, and you can count on us to deliver a product you can bring straight to your customers.

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Food Service and National Brands

We don’t just cater to companies looking to get started in the industry, we also cater to large-scale food service companies and established national brands as well. We can help with expanding and refining your existing private label brands, or with new and future product development.

Our team is dedicated to being the manufacturer your company needs to boost sales and help your business scale to the next level.

Your brand, your company, your private labels going out and increasing sales at your stores. We handle processing, manufacturing, production, packaging, and labeling while your team focuses on growth and expansion. Our facilities, our products, sold as your own brand of specialty services. It’s a winning combination