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Easily Purchase All-Natural Wholesale Meat

We supply all-natural meat to a wide range of institutions from schools, colleges, grocery stores, restaurants, and many more. We source beef, lamb, goat, turkey, and poultry from local farms and ranches surrounding our facility here in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. This gives us a superior advantage over our competition and gives us the ability to provide the finest cuts of meat and a true farm-to-table product.

We offer a wide selection of fresh, quality meat for your growing business. We take tremendous pride in our ability to offer a wide selection of products, each tailored to whatever categories your business need. We offer everything, but we are also available to take your request for custom cuts as well.

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We Are A Cut Above

At New England Meat Company, we are focused on offering quality beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, and goat products at an exceptional price. We are USDA Certified, and we ensure that we offer the best cuts of meat by our trained in-house butchers. Our standard is the highest in the industry and we place it as a priority to exceed even USDA requirements for food safety. We don’t compromise and we stand behind the products we sell.

We are committed to providing the best services and products at the best prices for you. We’re committed to not only meeting your expectations but exceeding them in every way possible. Cheap meat isn’t our goal. Providing exceptional service and high-quality, low-cost meat is.

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Wide selection of locally sourced meat

We source everything from the farms and ranches in the greater New England area. This means you get access to 100% American, high-quality beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, and goat products guaranteed. Our company processes fresh products every day, and partnering with us means your customers get access to these products too.

We make every cut count so that we can offer every cut imaginable, from petite sirloins to de-boned turkeys. Purchasing from our line of products means serving your customers whatever they desire. Buying wholesale meat from us also means saving huge on the food you’re able to sell.

We also take special requests from our clients. Signing up with us means you get access to a dedicated team member who will be available to respond to any special requests you might have. Whether it’s by phone or email, we’ll be here to ensure you get what you need.


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Streamline Your Wholesale Meat Purchases Online

Online commerce is here to stay. And that means you get to take advantage of our online ordering systems from the comfort of your own office space. We provide everything you need to make your wholesale purchases right from your keyboard. Invoicing, requests, repeat orders, all of it is available online under your own New England Meat Company account.

We’ve built a fast, efficient, user-friendly website for you to make your online ordering easy and hassle-free. Search for products, check for deals, request quotes, order any product or service, send us an email from your customer account, do it all from our website.

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Meet Your Bottom Line With Our Deep Discounts

We offer competitive pricing on all our products and even deeper discounts for our Wholesale Clientele. Beef, lamb, goat, and chicken, all at prices that can’t be beat. Sign up for an account and get customized pricing based on your account level. Buy more, save more, it’s really that simple.

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Our Products = True Quality

It’s no surprise that a quality product can make or break a company. Consumers know exactly what they want, and you only have one shot to give them the best.

Don’t just meet their expectations, exceed them with ease. Don’t leave it to chance, don’t settle for less, sign up for free and see what buying fresh, locally sourced meats from New England Meat Company means for your company today.

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Decades Of Experience

We bring our years of experience into every cut, and that’s how we are able to offer incredibly low prices on our wholesale meats. Every cut of beef, every cut of lamb, every cut of goat and chicken, all done to ensure we can offer the best prices in the industry.

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